What is Belgium like?

Belgium is the strangest country within the world

There are smaller nations in with far much less folks that are rather more profitable and organized in each method, to not point out Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Luxembourg… etc. In all honesty my Belgian wife (who has also lived overseas part of her life) finds these identical things annoying about her nation / countrymen. If Belgians would not be so touchy (‘LANGE TENEN’, ANYONE??) and be a bit extra open to constructive criticism / change then it might be fantastic. Belgians can put themselves into perspective between all these other chauvinist nations round them. Like russian and servian are alike but not the same.

Why did Belgium and the Netherlands cut up in 1830, and when they did, why did Flanders go together with Belgium?

could also be then will probably be an interesting country for you. Unlike US, UK,or Asia, Belgium is way more secure- girls can walk right here in the course of the evening without being raped. high quality of life is significantly better than where you from. healthcare system is certainly one of best on the planet, not like US where hundreds of thousands go without medical health insurance, people regularly die with out remedy, and not like UK where patients lie within the hospital hall and wait for months for appointment.

And earlier than you begin bragging once more, I communicate a couple of language. There isn’t any have to diss people who come from a country the place it is not necessairy to talk multiple language. People normally don’t be taught languages to help others. They just be taught languages to enhance their chances on the job market. But it’s a proven fact that many Belgians have a negative concept about their nation, though it’s one of the richest international locations on the planet with very good healthcare.

Well it’s fairly easy, in fFlanders we’re obligated to learn french as our second language in class, whereas in Wallonië the second language is to be chosen between Dutch and English. Also, it isn’t appropriate to say that “The Belgians had been linguistically, religiously, and ethnically separate from the Dutch”. Belgium had two languages (Dutch and French), the Dutch had a substantial catholic minority, and to talk of the Belgians and the Dutch (or any peoples in Western Europe) as being different ethnicities is, fairly frankly, ludicrous. The original County of Flanders encompassed areas which today belong to France and The Netherlands, however are nonetheless host to people of Flemish descent and a few continued use of Flemish Dutch.

Belgian delicacies historically prizes regional and seasonal components. Ingredients typical in Belgian dishes embody potatoes, leeks, grey shrimp, white asparagus, Belgian endives and native beer, along with common European staples together with meat, cheese and butter. Belgians sometimes eat 4 meals a day, with a lightweight breakfast, medium lunch, a snack and enormous dinner.

To provide you with a sense, Flanders and the remainder of Belgium have been concured so many occasions that we will adapt to any scenario and any person in front of us. We speak to English folks,… we talk English, We speak to Germans… we talk German, we discuss to a French particular person (not a Wallon �� ), we speak French, and so forth…. As a nicely travelled particular person I must say, I really didn’t get the humor nor the purpose of this piece regarding Belgium. Man you folks ain’t got a lot data about Belgium, eh? Within Belgium the Flemish, about 60% of the population, kind a clearly distinguishable group, set aside by their language and customs.

I simply moved away from Belgium and I am not regretting a bit of it. There is little choice in the belgium girls for marriage supermarkets, Brussels is a dirty city.

Outside the nation, Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. french fries are our national dish as a result of they were really invented across the border of Belgium and France (with mayonaise extra generally).

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If the child then acquires another nationality before age 18, Belgian nationality is misplaced. has two mother and father or adoptive mother and father born overseas who submitted a declaration before that particular person’s twelfth birthday requesting that the person be granted Belgian nationality.

The one who wrote this must be tremendous dumb, and doesn’t know what Belgium really is. If you realize some historical past, you realize why Belgium exists. The constructing of Europe, the place all the essential decisions are being made, is positioned in Belgium. But this problem just isn’t solely biological, culturally they’re extremely xenophobic and racist as a result of they’ve been invaded by almost all European countries. So they feel at all times inferior to the remainder of foreigners and attempt to do to immigrants what other international locations did to them.

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When it involves relationship, the “boring” typecast connected to these women is just a myth. Perhaps they appear hesitant at first, however they are an excellent relationship material should you look carefully.

Northern Belgium would most likely be one with Holland and the South, France. It’s only a joke if the underlying statement is true. The man makes jokes primarily based on erroneous information.

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The most speak also English, so i don’t think the Belgians are dumb or silly. Racist folks insulting vacationers as a result of english native speaker can’t communicate an different language. A country made on genocide of actual Australian, steeling their home. I’m proud becaise our country is shut the the state of affairs of Israël.