What I didn’t know, was that BOTH the regular canada goose

Taking Back Classroom Control

The morning in a Special Education class had already shown us that this was not going to be easy canada goose outlet in usa and that our major concern would be preventing a general mutiny of canada goose outlet store uk six, seven canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet and eight year olds.

At the canada goose outlet toronto factory time I was a subsitute classroom assistant for special education groups. Usually, it was not too hard, because Special Ed teachers generally have things well in hand. What I didn’t know, was that BOTH the regular canada goose outlet jackets teacher and her assistant were unexpectedly absent that day.

The young teacher, though doing her best, had never been in this class before either, canada goose clearance sale and was as clueless as I.

The FrogpondI grabbed the school intercom to Canada Goose sale request an intervention, trying to simulate calmness and find politically correct words to let them know we had a second grade flasher playing havoc in the Special Ed class. disruptive. student removed from room 4.” I started.

“Is it Jeremiah? ” she asked…. “Yes.”

Her question canada goose outlet uk sale gave me some hope. they knew SOMETHING that we obviously didn’t. The principal was there in a flash. so to speak. “Sorry”, he said, “I didn’t know BOTH of you were subs.”

I had been a substitute teacher’s aide for only canada goose outlet a short time, and since aides only had subs for special ed canada goose black friday sale classes, that’s where I had been Canada Goose Coats On Sale working. It was very interesting work, because I was always in the room with a highly experienced and skilled teacher who knew her students very well.

As I said, this was an exception.

It takes all kinds..

Yes, I know I canada goose outlet sale shouldn’t say that. Deep in my heart I really do know better.

After the offender was removed, things were a little calmer. I found myself trying to console cheap canada goose uk a poor buy canada goose jacket cheap little girl who was in tears.

Trying to calm her fears, I said things were fine now, and Jeremiah was not coming back today. She was crying at the unfairness of it all: She didn’t get to see.

Actually, I Canada Goose Outlet had been in the class before as a sub aide with the https://www.fanclub-fulton-smith.de regular full time teacher. We had a fairly calm and normal day. This new sub teacher did not know the regular procedures that the full time teacher used, and this canada goose store particular class could not handle the sudden change in circumstances.

We decided that we needed to spend our lunch hour together making a canada goose outlet “solid and foolproof ” plan for the afternoon.

The regular teacher had left some general lesson plans, but these were not working for us. Two strange people in the room were just too much for these kids. We decided that plans would canada goose outlet black friday be scrapped in favor of surviving canada goose outlet store the canada goose factory outlet afternoon with no casualties including, and especially, us.

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