In the process, hopefully, many of the more idealistic youth

For example, Mr Felizzi wrote: hasnot increased its irrigation footprint on any of its properties as a result of the OFIEP funding. In addition, he wrote that Webster had received a net amount of $18.8 million taxpayer funding under the Murray Darling Basin Plan on and off farm irrigation efficiency grants. He also wrotethat the OFIEP and PIIOP funding had paid for a portion of a $78 million development program, which was carried out in the past three years..

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canada goose black friday sales toronto Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.. Of more importance to this discussion is not whether the EFF is left or right but that its leadership, along with their friends in the ANC’s state capture faction, constitute, at the political level at least, the most clear and present danger to our constitutional democracy. Whatever our genuine left, right and centre debates might be, it’s imperative that we unite, across party political affiliation, to isolate this public resource thieving, rule of law undermining threat. In the process, hopefully, many of the more idealistic youth who have been attracted by demagogic populism can be won back from tailing behind the Eskom and VBS looting axis.. canada goose black friday sales toronto

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