For the rescue workers who responded to the crash

Some sea slugs eat sponges, very primitive animals that cannot move. All of these have stinging cells, cnidocytes, to protect themselves. Nudibranchs can not only eat cnidocytes without being stung, but they can also transport them from their digestive system to the gill like structures on their back, the cerata.

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canada goose clearance sale It was a week ago today in the skies above Flagstaff, Arizona that two emergency flights designed to save lives ended in tragedy. A pair of medical helicopters collided in midair and seven people died. For the rescue workers who responded to the crash, it was an especially difficult scene. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose black friday sale For those who note that Senator Clinton went to Yale, she, like most of the students who were admitted for reasons other than family heritage, was not a member of the inner circle, secret societies like the Skull and Crossbones to which so many of the power mongers belonged. She made the wrong call on Iraq, she has no qualms about bending the truth when it suits her, and she ran her own presidential campaign canada goose outlet into bankruptcy way back in January, the first month of primary season. Not someone I want as commander in chief, not someone I want representing our country, and not someone I want in charge of our nation’s economy canada goose black friday sale.

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