“Another visitor was Carol Green

He said: “I think there needs to be more culture alongside the commercial enterprise and modification on the height of the apartments but overall I approve of the development.”Another visitor was Carol Green, of Chaddesden, who also was concerned about the height of the apartment block.She said: “I am not sure it is the right place for such a tall building, it seems very overhwleming.”But it is about time something was done about the place, it a disgrace to the city.”Members of the public were being asked to fill in cards which asked about what they thought about the proposals. The answers will be collated and the results made public in the near future.(Image: St James Securities)Graham Hanson, of Spondon, said: “I think holding this in the Intu centre gives everyone a chance to see what this is about. I personally cannot wait for it to happen it has to be so much better than anything that is there currently.”An outline planning application is set to be submitted in May and will be accompanied by a range of technical documentation covering matters such as traffic generation and car parking, air quality, ecology, ground contamination, flood risk and drainage assessments.The Pennine Hotel and properties along Colyear Street, as far as Laurie House, will also be demolished, although approval for that demolition has still to be sought.Work on the demolition of the former Debenhams building is set to take place in summer 2019, with construction work set to commence in the spring of 2020..

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