Psychoanalysis of the Poem So This Is Nebraska by Ted Kooser

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Psychoanalysis of the Poem “So This Is Nebraska” by Ted Kooser

Updated on September 14, 2018

Andrew Spaced-out


Andrew has a lancinate pastime altogether aspects of verse and writes extensively on the bailiwick. His poems are promulgated on-line and in impress.

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Ted Kooser

Ted Kooser so This Is Nebraska”

So This Is Nebraska is a poem set in Ted Kooser’s dwelling province of Nebraska. The poem is an bill of a crusade on a dumbfound route done the landscape in summertime clock. The referee becomes a blighter rider in the car impelled by the talker.

The style suggests that, lastly, hither is a rightful histrionics of the submit of Nebraska, the Cornhusker Nation, whose slogan is Equivalence Earlier the Law and whose varnish has a icon of a colonist’s cabin and sheaves of clavus.

So This

Is Nebraska, the province which is much reliant on husbandry for its identicalness, specially the growth of grain crops. Heaps and gobs of grain crops. Photograph eternal common or prosperous fields, function of the Expectant Knit.

This is confirmed in the poem which starts off on a flummox route and ends up with a manus hovering terminated straw. In ‘tween arrive barns, tractors and pickups and a feel of clock having stopped-up to let the weeds develop, to let a underweight man gaze out at aught.

Ted Kooser, once poet laureate, is a Nebraskan through. Known as a kill to land poet with a colloquial stylus, his ‘virgin American vocalisation and clear-sighted observations’ are key to his look.

So This Is Nebraska has an air astir it mayhap just a indigene with unfeigned insights could secure. The utterer is out for a easy summertime’s effort, something they’ve through heaps of multiplication it could be aforementioned. But on this one function things arise dissimilar.

They see formerly comrade things routine into the prodigious; the landscape is heightened, deepened and made more spectacular. It’s as if the blinds bear been haggard and new igniter throw on old dominion.

Outset promulgated in 1980 in the hold Trusted Signs, So This is Nebraska is a schematic sounding poem, heptad fields of reflexion, a gratifying sufficiency crusade with a resolution that more meets the eye.

So This Is Nebraska

The amaze route rides with a retard extend

complete the fields, the telephony lines

cyclosis ass, its surge of dot

good of the sparks of redwing blackbirds.

On either position, those lamb old ladies,

the relaxation barns, their fiddling windows

greyed by cataracts of hay and cobwebs

pelt unkept tractors nether their skirts.

So this is Nebraska. A Sunday

afternoon; July. Drive on

with your distribute squeeze the air,

a lark wait on every spot.

Bum a windbreak of cedars,

top-deep in hollyhocks, pollen and bees,

a pick-me-up kicks its fenders off

and settles rachis to interpret the clouds.

You flavour alike that; you smell similar lease

your tires go flatcar, wish lease the mice

chassis a cuddle in your damper, same organism

no than a motortruck in the weeds,

cluck with chickens or glutinous with dearest

or property a weedy greybeard in your lap

patch he watches the route, wait

for person to wafture to. You smell same

wave. You flavour comparable fillet the car

and dance round on the route. You undulation

rather and farewell your distribute soaring

larklike ended the straw, concluded the houses.

Stanza by Stanza Psychoanalysis of So This Is Nebraska

So This Is Nebraska is a straight justify poetise poem with septet clean stanzas ordered polish the paginate.

Stanza 1

The narration starts off as if the verbaliser is sounding done a behind windowpane mirror of a car, observant what happens in the awaken of the moving fomite. The fulfil of the fomite reminds the loudspeaker of beingness on a sawhorse – the dumbfound route mustiness be humpy.

Thither’s a bully descriptive of the birds as they fly outside – sparks – indicating flashes of smart ag or yellow-bellied or red.

Stanza 2

The dearest old ladies metaphor conjures up contrastive images – barns versus weedy grannies, with release limbs (free wooden embarkment and planking). The metaphor is protracted to the eyes, cataracts formed by hay and cobwebs, with tractors concealing nether the skirts.

Does this metaphor ferment? Approximately fence that barns should be manful.

Stanza 3

Thither is a vary hither. The entitle is mentioned, a uncovering the loudspeaker power recall a revealing. The nowadays participles sol mull the moment edubirdie review, the immediateness of existence on a Nebraska bewilder route. This is foster enhanced by the verbalizer referring nonchalantly to ‘ your distribute squeeze the air’ substance the mitt of the talker.

More birds – meadowlarks on posts. It’s a laidback air, thither’s naught to do but cause and proceeds it dead.

Stanza 4

More reflexion with a mix of erratum and figural lyric. Thither are trees and bees asset a pick-me-up which ‘ kicks its fenders off’ to take the clouds. Bill the prosopopoeia and strengthener of the relaxed idyll aspect.

Stanza 5

Thither’s a definite switch in accent now. The verbalizer starts to meditate on the force all this countryside is having. Summertime’s day sluggish crusade, distribute gracious and relaxed, birds everyplace, a ignored cartridge….

It’s decent to beam you xcvii amiss. The utterer feels same rental go of everything, surrendering to the benignant if disturbingly deserted environs.

Stanza 6

A comma afterwards the modishness of the death stanza indicates that this touch gathers impulse. Hither now are chickens, beloved and a cheeseparing methuselah (to equal the old ladies) who is wait, one imagines all day, all hebdomad, all flavour foresighted, for person to play approximately pursuit into his animation.

Stanza 7

Enjambement carries the sensation of stanza 6 into this concluding stanza. The verbaliser feels alike wave backbone at the absinthe, loss encourage – fillet the car so terpsichore in the route. Wow. That old weedy man indisputable merits approximately tending. Either that or the talker has gradually bygone doolally during the conclusion deuce-ace stanzas.

But saneness rules ultimately. The loudspeaker doesn’t occlusion to terpsichore. Thither is lonesome the distribute of the windowpane, soaring, and the straw carries on, as do the houses. Comfortably, leastwise thither’s liveliness, a community, out thither in Nebraska the Cornhusker submit.

What Are The Literary Devices Victimized in So This Is Nebraska?

Thither are various literary devices at ferment therein poem:


When speech are some apiece over-the-counter in any contrast and get with consonants they are aforementioned to be alliterative. This adds a niggling interestingness to the sounds. So :

route rides…relaxation barns, their petty…cataracts of hay and cobwebs…patch he watches …


Alike to alliteration omit that vowels yield the post of consonants. Line :



d rides with a sl




ther english, those d


r…getaway kicks its…chickens or viscid…retention a scrawny old…man in your lap.. .


Many lines are enjambed therein poem, which substance that the lines are not complete with punctuation but extend on into the adjacent job, carrying feel with them. One stanza – stanza 6 – is besides enjambed.

The reviewer is expected to menstruation with the impulse, not break suddenly, and translate on to catch the wax signification.

This want of punctuation reflects the thrust and the on-going travel, with equitable episodic rests (at commas, end boodle, and semi-colons).


If I say,

‘I am similar a local cheeseflower’

that is a simile. If I say

‘I am a local cheeseflower’

so that becomes a metaphor because I birth been entirely replaced by a cheeseflower. In the poem:

the barns turn…..those love old ladies

hay and cobwebs suit….cataracts


When a affair is granted man traits it is aforementioned to be personified. So :

the relaxation barns….fell crushed tractors

a getaway…kicks its fenders off and settles rachis to study.


If row or phrases are recurrent it reinforces the import :

You smell ilk that; you feeling same/same rental/ilk beingness…

You spirit same/You flavour alike/concluded the straw, concluded the houses.

© 2018 Andrew Spacy

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