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twitter reacts to mitch mcconnell blocking resolution to release full mueller report

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high quality Replica Hermes Look for movement Do a step aerobics or dancersize class. Find a sport that you enjoy. Go for a walk and play around in the park with your kids. Good luck guys, and don’t let FOMO drain your bank accounts.aaj094 15 points submitted 19 days agoIt is quite plausible and indeed likely that Bitcoin dominance (as currently calculated based on unadjusted MCap a methodology flawed in the first place) keeps slipping down over time but that does not necessarily imply that any particular alts will be cornering a lot of this lost share. There could be tens of new coins getting created each taking up some additional share and thereby contributing to lower bitcoin dominance. In which case, as an investor, it would still make sense to have a good proportion of your stack in Bitcoin because it may remain the coin with the highest probability of retaining high market cap after a few years high quality Replica Hermes.

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